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Blazer, the Legendary Thief
Rachel, Nephilim Contract Maker
Forbidden Arts
Gill Alhama'at, He Who Controls the Taboo
Gill Alhama'at, Treasonous Emperor
Aimul's Twisted Beast
Angel of Despair
Ms. Hyde
Deadly Pox
Burgeoning Despair
Knight of Despair
Dark Castle, Palace of Despair
Soul Returning Altar
Mephistopheles [Inverse]
Possessed Panda
Aimul, Princess of Despair
Dark Knight of Conviction
Scheherazade of the Catastrophic Nights
Black Fang Tyrannosaurus
Black Star, Blazer Thieves Gang Leader
Black Tears
Black Wind Dinosaur
Blazer Thieves Gang Underling
Bloodsucking Butler, Reiya's Attendant
Crumbling Majin