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Cecil and Tia
Ciel, Ancestor of the Priestess
Phantom Wind, Fiethsing
Fairy of the Holy Tree
Fifth Element
Leaf Assassin
Leaf Dragon
Leaf Paladin
Power of the Emperor
Reincarnation of the Holy Tree, Yggdrasil
Seed of Rebirth
Spirit Searching
The End of the Dreams
Time Composing Elf
Viviane, the Envoy of Rebirth
Whirling Winds
Winds of Guidance
Attoractia, City of Verdant Green
Beyond the Threshold of Time
Inheritor of the Stars, Gill Lapis
Reincarnation of the Soul
Jupiter, Warlock of the Wood Star
Viola, Treacherous Maiden
Approaching the Truth
Cleaning Doll