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Amaterasu, Guide of Light
Amaterasu's Foresight
Beast of Holy Light
Lumia's Purification
Millium's Weapon
Snow White of the Crystal Apple
Spirit of Light
The Seven Dwarves
Ancient Manager
Bastet, Goddess of Cats
Bastet's Fascination
Conjure Time Bomb
Invisible Flame
Skyscraper Giant
Time-Guide Admiral, Alfred
World Flame Summoning
Alhama'at's Mage Knight
Charlotte, Wielder of the Sacred Spirit
Jiang Ziya, the Fisherman
Moojdart's Illusionary Soldier
Rachel, Alhama'at's Advisor
Rachel's Smile
Reunion of Sisters
Fiethsing, the Fate Spinning Winds
Final Breeze
Gale Force
Jack, Climbing the Beanstalk
Luan, Auspicious Beast
Magic Stone Life Form
Planting Beans
Sacred Beast of Wind
Alhama'at's Black Lightning
Death at Midnight
Dimension Dragon, Nidhogg
Fated Reunion
Shadow of Lapis
Yashahime, First Daughter of the Mikage
A Rendezvous of Light and Wind
Altea's Elite
Ammit, Beast of Gluttony
Ancient Barrier
Barrier Seal
Blessed Knight
Catalyst Spirit
Crimson Ray
Curse of the Kyuubi
Deceptive Dream
Demonic Instigator
Divine Beast of Attoractia
Dragon of Scenic Beauty
Fairy of Recurrence
Faria's Summon
Fiethsing's Monocle
Ghost of Attoractia
Glorius, Masked Crusader
Faria, Ruler of Divine Beasts
Griphon, Racing Across Darkness
Grusbalesta, Magic Stone Researcher
Grusbalesta's Secret Technique
Healing Wing Dragon
Illusion Wizard
Illusory Projection
Invading Demon of Water, Valentina
Valentina, Released Terror
Jeanne d'Arc, the Pious Flame
Kaguya, Lunar Researcher
Kaguya's Moonbeam Butterfly
Lilias Petal, Agent of Salvation
The Nine-Tailed Fox
Lilias Petal's Assistant
Lumia, the Fated Rebirth
Lumia, Saint of the Crimson Lotus
Lumia's Judgment
Magic Rebound
Meeting of Light and Fire
Messenger of Lilias Petal
Moojdart, Lady of Illusions
Muul, the Town That Never Was
Nightmare, the Ashen Dream
Nyarlathotep, the Crimson Radiance
Plot of Water and Darkness
Priest of Divine Protection
Prokaryotic Being
Rune of Sol
Runic Commander Demon, Akiot
Sacred Komainu
Shining Kirin
Sol, Hierophant of the Helio Star
Sol, Dark Commander of Steam
Steam Explosion
Sympathy of Fire and Water
The Manticore
Tuning of Wind and Darkness
Twin-Headed Dragon
Valentina's Reach
Wetlands of Magical Origin
White Horn Kaichi
Awakened Magic Stone, the Earth
Killing Stone
Magic Stone of Vaporization
Pricia's Memoria
Remains of Attoractia
Darkness Magic Stone
Fire Magic Stone
Light Magic Stone
Water Magic Stone
Wind Magic Stone