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Arla, the Light Wing
Arthur, Paladin King of the Round Table
Dragon Knight Commander, Siegfried
Faria, Paladin of the Dawn
Gloria's Castle Town
Grimm, the Legendary King of Fairy Tales
Guardian of Light Magic Stones
Avatar of Light Magic Stones
Knight Lord of Godspeed
Light Wizard
Lumia, Saint of Creation
Manifestation of Power
Protective Barrier
Sol, Envoy of Light
The Final Word
Zero's Magic Light
Bahamut, Phantasmal Dragon
Barbatos, World's Greatest Eccentric
Barust, Machine Deity of Purgatory
Blood Boil
Burn to Cinders
Cain, Treacherous Killer of the Gods
Certo, the Blazing Volcano
Fire Wizard
Guardian of Fire Magic Stones
Avatar of Fire Magic Stones
Introspective Jutsu
Melgis, King of Conquest
Salamander, Envoy of Fire
Shimazu Yoshihiro, Feudal Flame Lord
Sylvia Gill Palarilias, Infernal Dragon
Alice, Dimensional Traveler
Charlotte's Water Transformation Magic
Charm of the Princess
Chronos, the God of Time
Dance of Inspiration
Guardian of Water Magic Stones
Avatar of Water Magic Stones
Kaguya, Guardian of the Moon
Nymph, Envoy of Water
Separation of Body and Soul
Shackles of Ice
Shion, the Entrancing Songtress
Tomoe Gozen, Merciful Aqua Twin Swords
Triton, Emperor of the Seven Seas
Valentina, Maiden of the Oceans
Water Wizard
Count D'Artagnan
Frigg, Goddess of Abundant Harvest
Guardian of Wind Magic Stones
Avatar of Wind Magic Stones
Heavenly Gust
Helsing, Hunter of the Undead
Little Red, Fairy Tale of Air
Oberon, Lord of Elves
Pricia, Wild Child
Pricia's Call to Action
Rapid Growth
Scheherazade, the Prophet
Silph, Envoy of Wind
The Beast Queen's Counterattack
The World Tree's Guardian
Wind-Secluded Refuge
Abdul Alhazred, Poet of Madness
Baleful Avatar
Dark Purge
Darkness Wizard
Dracula, King of the Undead
Endless Night
Gill Lapis, the Pure Youth
Guardian of Darkness Magic Stones
Avatar of Darkness Magic Stones
Loki, Being of the End
Rezzard, the Vampire Lord
Sariel, Lord of the Moons
Shade, Envoy of Darkness
The Gate of the Silver Key
The Scorn of Dark Alice
Unseen Pressure
Alisaris, Scholar of Phenomena
Blazer Gill Rabus, the Pursuer
Jeanne d'Arc, the Maid of Orleans
Karmic Governor, Laplace
Machina, the Clockwork King
Odin the Omniscient
Pandora, the Goddess of Light and Dark
Snow White, the Avenger
Vafthruthnir, Giant Wiseman
Yggdrasil, the First Tree
Burning Water Magic Stone
Gusting Darkness Magic Stone
Magic Stone of Murky Waters
Magic Stone of Nature's Beauty
Magic Stone of Purgatory
Magic Stone of Radiant Waves
Magic Stone of Summer's Breeze
Misty Wind Magic Stone
Shadowy Light Magic Stone
Sparkling Fire Magic Stone
Darkness Magic Stone
Fire Magic Stone
Light Magic Stone
Water Magic Stone
Wind Magic Stone