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Azazel, the Blazing Charger
Barust, the Machine God of Conflagration
Barbatos, the Crimson Duke
Belial, the Crimson Lord
Amon, the Demon Prince of Conspiracy
Faust, the Promising Warrior
Diabolos, the Nether Tyrant
Familiar of Hades
Demon Lady of Grudge
Medusa, the Evil Eye of Binding
Demon Crusader
Empusa, the Temptation
Ebony Devil
Laplacia, the Demon of Fate
Mephistopheles, the Abyssal Tyrant
Neithardt, the Demon Knight
Mephistopheles, the Demon Collaborator
Familiar of Primogenitor
Progenitor Demon
Demon of the Black Moon, Lilith
Demonic Commander
Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer
Demonic Instigator
Barust, Machine Deity of Purgatory
Rachel, Nephilim Commander
Buer, Great President of Hell
Demon Captain, Eligos
Demon Orderly