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Light Dragon's Egg
Tiny Aggressive Dragon
Flute's Water Dragon
Viola, Vengeful Ebon Dragon
Tiny Alabaster Drake
Blazer, Prisoner of Flame
Dragon of Fire and Wind
Ebon Dragon Emperor, Gill Alhama'at
Millium, the Sacred Dragon
Guardian of Light Magic Stones
Avatar of Light Magic Stones
Bahamut, Phantasmal Dragon
Guardian of Fire Magic Stones
Avatar of Fire Magic Stones
Sylvia Gill Palarilias, Infernal Dragon
Guardian of Water Magic Stones
Avatar of Water Magic Stones
Guardian of Wind Magic Stones
Avatar of Wind Magic Stones
Guardian of Darkness Magic Stones
Avatar of Darkness Magic Stones
Dimension Dragon, Nidhogg
Dragon of Scenic Beauty
Healing Wing Dragon
Twin-Headed Dragon