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Leviathan, the Tyrant of Ocean
Amphisbaena, the Two-Headed Dragon
Nidhogg, the Hell Dragon
Snowwhite, the White Scale Dragon
Kingdom Wyvern
Parrot Dragon
Lava Stream Drake
Wyvern of Mount Olga
Flare Dragon
Berserk Dragon
Ayakashi, the Serpent of Oil Mud
Water Dragon
Disappearing Drake
Rahab, the Emperor Dragon of Riptide
Mirage Drake
Firefloor Drake
Baby Dragon of Asakna
Sea Serpent in the Storm
Dragon Zombie, the Necrodragon
Ancient Dragon
Gilles de Rais, the Golden Dragon
Fairy Dragon of Beryl
Bahamut, the Dragon King
Yamata-no-Orochi, the Eight Disasters
Gardea, the Guardian Dragon of Heaven
Blazer, the Eater of Dimensions
Spawn of Blazer
Purplemist, the Fantasy Dragon
Gwiber, the White Dragon
Draig, the Red Dragon
Flamewing Wyvern
Whelp Drake
Gwiber, the White Dragon
Draig, the Red Dragon
Imitation Dragon
Caldera-Born Dragon
Flamewing Wyvern
Sylvia Gill Palarilias [J-Ruler]
Sylvia's Clanmate
Whelp Drake
Vell-Savarian Dragon
Bloodfire Dragon
Rotting Black Moon Dragon
Ice Dragon of Altea
Flame Dragon of Altea
Tiny Reconnaissance Drake
Dimension Dragon, Nidhogg
Dragon of Scenic Beauty
Healing Wing Dragon
Twin-Headed Dragon
Guardian of Light Magic Stones
Avatar of Light Magic Stones
Bahamut, Phantasmal Dragon
Guardian of Fire Magic Stones
Avatar of Fire Magic Stones
Sylvia Gill Palarilias, Infernal Dragon
Guardian of Water Magic Stones
Avatar of Water Magic Stones
Guardian of Wind Magic Stones
Avatar of Wind Magic Stones
Guardian of Darkness Magic Stones
Avatar of Darkness Magic Stones
Tiny Alabaster Drake
Blazer, Prisoner of Flame
Dragon of Fire and Wind
Ebon Dragon Emperor, Gill Alhama'at
Millium, the Sacred Dragon