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Ciel, Sorcerous Priestess
Leaf Garb
Commander of the Crowd
Elf in the Trees
Elvish Hunter
Faerur Letoliel
Faerur Letoliel, King of Wind
Faerur's Escort
Messenger of the King
Spirit Caller Elf
Tia Letoliel, Archer Princess of Elves
Trap Master Lemuria
[Variant] Faerur's Escort
Cecil Letoliel, Elven Prince
Elven Guide
Guardian of the Portal
Gale Force Pursuer, Christie
Melfee, Child of Refarth
Resistance Forces of Amonsulle
Wind Clad Elf
Helsing, Hunter of the Undead
Oberon, Lord of Elves
Fiethsing, the Fate Spinning Winds
Crea, Musician of Wind
Elf of the Gusty Hill