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Delphinius, the Knight of the Sun
Siegfried, the Knight Commander
Commander of the Flash Knights
Commander of the Flash Knights (J)
Wandering Knight
Knight Errant
Suicidal Knights
Heavy Horseman
One Who Reaches to the Sky
Reanimated Knight
Butz, the Ebony Knight
Brunhild, the Valkyrie
Knight of the Barbaric Axe
Knight of the Tough Shield
Knight of the Twin Swords
Knight of Loyalty
Knight of the New Moon
Don Quijote, the Wandering Knight
Falltgold, the Dragoon
Gliding Dragon Knight
Neithardt, the Demon Knight
William Wallace
William Wallace
Veteran Master
Young Knight of Gloria
Dragoon of Certo
Dragoon of Certo
Dark Alice, Maiden of Slaughter
Alice, the Valkyrie of Fairy Tales
Young Knight of Gloria
Veteran Master
Enraged Knight
Knight's Shade
Sacred Knight of the North
Sacred Knight of the South
Lars, Inheritor of the Sacred Spirit
Knight Lord of Godspeed