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Fiethsing, the Magus of Holy Wind
Zero, the Magus of Null
Almerius, the Magus of Light
Zero, the Flashing Mage-Warrior
Milest, the Invisible Ghostly Flame
Moojdart, the Queen of Fantasy World
Fiethsing, the Elvish Oracle
Grusbalesta, the Keeper of Magic Stones
Fiethsing, Six Sage of Wind
Fiethsing, Master Magus of Holy Wind
Zero, Six Sage of Light
Zero, Master of the Magic Saber
Fiethsing, the Fate Spinning Winds
Grusbalesta, Magic Stone Researcher
Moojdart, Lady of Illusions
Milest, the First Flame
Almerius, Summoner of Spirits
Zero, the King's Blade