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Royal Palace Guardian Mage, Freya
Kingdom Alchemist Wizards Force
Healing Master
Black Wizard
Black Wizard (J)
White Wizard
White Wizard (J)
Kingdom Protection Circle
Trainer of Kings
Red Wizard
Red Wizard (J)
Blue Wizard
Blue Wizard (J)
Green Wizard
Green Wizard (J)
Warder of Light Chain
Merlin, the Wizard of the Round Table
Abdul Alhazred, the Harbinger of Despair
Cain, the Traitor of Gods
Kaguya, the Moonlit Savior
The Observer
Timeline Arsonist, Alisaris
Time Traveling Emissary
Acolyte of the Abyss
Alisaris, the Demon of Calamity
Spectating Magician
Glorian Princess of Water, Charlotte
Combat Wizard of Altea
Priest of Darkness, Abdul Alhazred
Charlotte, Wielder of the Sacred Spirit
Illusion Wizard
Lilias Petal's Assistant
Light Wizard
Cain, Treacherous Killer of the Gods
Fire Wizard
Water Wizard
Abdul Alhazred, Poet of Madness
Darkness Wizard
Alisaris, Scholar of Phenomena
Vengeful Attoractian Wizard
Gill Alhama'at, He Who Grasps All
Kaguya, Tears of the Moon
Charlotte, Last Hope of Attoractia
Luna's Attendant