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Siegfried, the Knight Commander
Siegfried, the Dragon Knight
Arthur, the King of Knights
Ares, the Knight God Emperor
Commander of the Flash Knights
Commander of the Flash Knights (J)
Wandering Knight
Lofty Knight
Knight Errant
Order of Gartar
Suicidal Knights
Tristan, the Lusting Knight
Mordred, the Dueling Knight
Garahad, the Oracle Knight
Shield Bearer of the Kingdom
Lanslot, the Knight of the Lake
Hardworking Followers
Ironwall Monk
Kingdom Alchemist Wizards Force
Healing Master
Glorious Lion
Sleeping Lion
Snowwhite, the White Scale Dragon
Kingdom Wyvern
Sphinx, the Guardian of the King's Tomb
Raphael, the Healing Archangel
Benem, the Guardian Angel
Amaterasu, the Oracle of Sacred Text
Thor, the White Lightning
Ward of Protection
Power from Inside
Will of Peace
Aroundight, the Holy Sword
Search for the Holy Site
Bless of the Holy Grail
Besieged Battle
Head On Attack
Battle Cry
Blessed Protection
Light of Faith
Glory Light of Submission
Oath of Round Table
Shuren, the King of Supremacy
Barust, the Machine God of Conflagration
Raging Flame Kabuki
Barbatos, the Crimson Duke
Warlord of Exploding Flame
Warlord of Exploding Flame (J)
Shock Troop of Asakna
Suicidal Troop of Asakna
Guardian of Asakna
Cavalry of Asakna
Charger of Asakna
Battle Archer of Asakna
Fantian-Huaji, the Pyre
Beard Duke Warrior of One-Thousand
Barrooga, the Raging Fire Beast
The Flame
Bammoo, the Raging Fire Beast
Sabretooth Tiger
Flame Djinn
Gark, the Pyre Beast
Parrot Dragon
Lava Stream Drake
Wyvern of Mount Olga
Flare Dragon
Berserk Dragon
Efreet, the Blazing Elemental
Hino Kagutsuchino Mikoto, the Flaming God of Fate
Belial, the Crimson Lord
Coorat, the Bond of Dead Dragon
Spreading Anger
Urge of Destruction
Boiling Blood
Cursed Sword of Asakna
Inspiration of War
Banzai Attack
Raging Inferno
When I die, you too
Flaming Art -Carnage-
Bursting Shot
Eyes in Anger
Flame Lance
Prepare to Fall Together
Black Flame
Enlarge Body
Flaming Art -Foxfire-
Flaming Art -White Lotus-
Flaming Art -Giant Scorch-
Oathkeeper of the Sacred Sea
Triton, the Prince of Ocean
Labyrinth Master, Chronos
Twin Swords of Water's Mercy
Twin Swords of Water's Mercy (J)
Mermaid Apprentice Student
Ea, the Wisdom Mermaid
Sweeper of Coral
Queen of Atlantis
Song of Tides
High Tide Warrior
Antorite, the Guardian of Deep Blue
Amazon of Blue Ocean
Guide of Chaos
Clockwork Messenger
Clown of Labyrinth
Phantom Reviver
Magic Tricker
Mirage Golem
Mirage Knight
Illusionary Guardian
Labyrinth Capturer
Mirage Slime
Acidic Slime
Aspidochelone, the Giant Turtle of Wisdom
Wall of Blizzard
Ayakashi, the Serpent of Oil Mud
Water Dragon
Disappearing Drake
Rahab, the Emperor Dragon of Riptide
Mirage Drake
Landing Point of Ice
Labyrinth of Doubt
Mutating Potion -Eclosion-
Mirage Mail
Nerve Control
New Stream
Flow Back
Mind Control
Call of Illusion
Wash Away
Diffuse Reflection
Peace Negotiation
Spiral Shift
Forced Repatriation Machine
Exchange Condition of Chronos
Guardian of Outland
Guardian of Outland (J)
Sprout of Treasure Tree
Tree of Heaven's Blessing
Tree of Eternity
Cyclone Tree
Windcalling Flower
Babel Tree
Solid Giant Tree
Gottfried, Elemental Knight
Gnome, Element of Earth
Faun, the Player of Stub
Tempting Alraune
Parasite Seed
Stampeding Summon
Force Drain
Wind Cutter
Thousands Rain
Grasp of Magic Power
Sprout the Seeds
Sneak Attack
Black Wizard
Black Wizard (J)
Phantom Wall
Knight of Regret
Spitting Imp
Rotting Bloodsucker
Enforcer of Conviction
Skeleton Soldier
Wraith, the Pained Soul
Wondering Soul
Amon, the Demon Prince of Conspiracy
Faust, the Promising Warrior
Black Magnetic Field
Mark of Binding
Oath of Dead
Oath of Dark Night
Shriek of the Dead
Black Sun
Kiss of Death
Ghost's Beckoning
Black Order
Fake Wall
Bomber Gimmick
Blast Gimmick
Healing Gimmick
Gimmick Mimic
Flying Gimmick
Sting Gimmick
Gimmick Golem
Circle of Nullify
Resolute Will
Second Chance
Bind Trap
Light Magic Stone
Fire Magic Stone
Water Magic Stone
Wind Magic Stone
Darkness Magic Stone