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White Wizard
White Wizard (J)
Ishtar, the Great Goddess of Kindness
Ywain, the Knight of Leo
Angel of Wisdom
Kingdom Protection Circle
Trainer of Kings
Monk of Kindness
Monk of Blessing
Knight of Honor
Heavy Horseman
One Who Reaches to the Sky
Pouncing Lion
Fair and Square
Surging Battle Cry
Spear from God
Queen's Prayer
Lightning Ray
Stab Each Other
Allied Force
Supply Distribution
Red Wizard
Red Wizard (J)
Kanna, the Oracle of Flames
Gilgamesh, the Tyrant of the Hunt
Enkidu, the Sworn Friend
Gugalanna, the Bull of Heaven
Firefloor Drake
Baby Dragon of Asakna
Exploding Rock Golem
Blasting Beetle
Blood Moon
Kamikaze Battery
Flaming Art -Purgatory-
Pyre Shield
Surprise Attack
Burning Will
Magic Flame
Booby Trap
Flaming Art -Ash and Smoke-
Flaming Art -Beacon Fire-
Blue Wizard
Blue Wizard (J)
Poseidon, the Great Emperor God of Oceans
Abzu, the Water God of Truth
Gear Golem, the Magical Soldier
Dagon, the Abomination of the Deep Sea
Tsunami Spirit
Sea Serpent in the Storm
Indigo Siren
Maid of Siren
Mirage Arowana
Predator Anemone
Deep Sea Paradise
Water Bubble Robe
Mutating Potion -Regenerate-
Aqua Magic -Tempest-
Angelic Voice
Coral Rain
Magic Wave
Mind Pollution
Mermaid's Allure
Arwyn, the Queen of Deep Green
Oberon, the Fairy King
Green Wizard
Green Wizard (J)
Artemis, the Goddess of Hunt
Orion, the Celestial Hegemon
Durathror, the Herald of the End
Jabberwock, the Chaotic Disaster
Great Eagle of the Treasure Tree, Hraesvelgr
Heithrun, the Goat of Mead
Dainn, the Herald of Beginning
Dvalinn, the Herald of Continuation
Duneyrr, the Herald of Change
Guardian Warrior in Flower Garden
Ratatoskr, the Messenger of the Jewel Tree
Kukunochi, the Errand of the Jewel Tree
Yggnitsvay, the Guardian of Green Branch
Alseid, the Amorous Spirit
Elvish Patrol Soldier
Jungle Hunter
Alberich, the King of Elemental
Elvish Berserker
Elvish Warrior
Forest Guard
Elven Archer
Elvish Weaver
Life Dryad
Magicsucker Beetle
Sanctuary of Yggdrasil
Sealed Vault
Deep Forest of Elves
Sealed Circle of Wind
Ward of Bramble
Blessing of the Jewel Tree
Oaken Bow
Wrath of the Earth
Wise Art of Summoning
Whisper of Wind
Spring of Magic Power
Flash of Void
Shortage of Magic Power
Magic Storm
Forbidden Fruit
Elvish Reinforcement
Wind Magic Circle -Aura-
Blowing Wind
Garmheld, the King of the Dead
Loki, the Ancient Demon Lord
Sariel, the Lord of the End
Diabolos, the Nether Tyrant
Enforcer of Grudge
Enforcer of Grudge (J)
Morrigan, the Goddess of Tragic Love
Osiris, the Nether God of King's Tomb
Cerberus, the Nether Watchdog
Cu Chulainn, the Hero in a Far Land
Marching Band of the End
Familiar of Hades
Demon Lady of Grudge
Soul Eater
Carrion Devourer
Lantern, the Spirit of Grave Keeper
Ghost Swordsman
Dark Sorcerer
Ancient Black Knight
Orpheus, the Nether Player
Nether Horseman
Reanimated Knight
Butz, the Ebony Knight
Bloodthirst Baron
Dullahan, the Death Knight
Grudge Berserker
Disappointing Swordsman
Compensation Warrior
Wight, Fallen King
Skeleton Horseman
Dragon Zombie, the Necrodragon
Cemetery Rose
Specter Circle
Paradise of the Exiled
Soul Cord
Gae Bolg, the Magic Spear
Sword of Miasma
Power of Hatred
Heavy Rain of Distress
End of Despair
Curse of Garheld
Binding Chain
Miasma of the Glyph
Unreasonable Choice
Soul Sympathy
Culling the Weak
Grasp of Life
Corpse Guard
Soul Slave
Laplace, the Tuner
Revive Gimmick
Tone Gimmick
Triumph Gate of Spellproof
The Gate