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Sister of Linorsphairia
Angrboda, the Sunset Giant
Eletos, the Granite Giant
Balder, Light God of the White Heaven
Ancient Dragon
Perseus, Divine Blade of the Gleaming Skies
Warder of Light Chain
Merlin, the Wizard of the Round Table
Brunhild, the Valkyrie
Knight of the Barbaric Axe
Knight of the Tough Shield
Knight of the Twin Swords
Light of Truth
Purify Souls
Mjolnir, the Hammer of White Lightning
Relic Research Party
Head of Mimir
Kvesa Gardula
Order of Retirement
Fruits of Dawn
Mumble of Summer Wind
Flame Entertainer
Surtr, the Incinerating Giant
Bogallo, the Lava Giant
Tyr, the Brave War God
Rio, the Sword Dancer of Crimson Fire
Cannonneer of Asakna
Attendant of Asakna
Guerrilla Soldier of Asakna
Mad Dog of Dichroite
Tinder Kobold Garou
Barbed Volcano Scorpion
Dwarven Craftsman
Gauguin's Studio
Dwarven Magical Mine
Kosetsu, Katana of Chikuzen
Mithril Armor
Inferno of Muspell
Spiral Flair
Reckless Strength
Flame Snake of Manipulation
Flaming Scheme
Lailah, the Maiden of the Fountain
Bergelmir, the Giant of Absolute Coldness
Sva, the Giant of the Sea Trench
Aegir, the Sea God of the Tempest
Princess of Dragon Palace
Tethys, the Wise Goddess
Kriti, the Water Element
Tri, the Mermaid Fencer
Medusa, the Evil Eye of Binding
Commedia Erudita
Sea Monster Zone
Mermaid Weapon
Water Spirit Kris Knife
Close Encounters
Mutating Potion -Activate Body-
Crime of Wave and Abandon
Devotion for Sound and Heat
Mirror of Medusa
Breath of God
Athenia, the Wind Master
Frigg, the Goddess of Abundance
Richesse, the Swordsman
Trou, the Giant of the Fairie's Stronghold
Troll, the Raging Giant
Frey, the Noble God of Sunshine
Siren of the Stream
Maiden of Yggdrasil
Fairy Dragon of Beryl
Caith Sith Roun, the Weaver of Miracles
Caith Sith Roo, the Caller of Miracles
Cu Sith Rey, the Carrier of Miracles
Wise Elder of Elfheim
Evergreen Sentinel
Waldkobold Joyy
Sephirothic Tree
Caith Sith Township
Mithril Sword
Live Oak Helm
Mead of Poetry
Mumble of Spring Wind
Spell Transcription
Ring of Nibelungen
Mead of Knowledge
Morning Mist
Laurier, the Twilight Witch
Utgarda Loki, the Skeletal Giant
Cyclops, the One-eyed Giant
Hermod, Nether God of the Dark Heaven
Freya, Goddess of the full moon
Demon Crusader
Shemhaza, the Fallen Angel of Alchemy
Sahriel, the Fallen Angel of Binding
Armaros, the Fallen Angel of Negating
Empusa, the Temptation
Death, the Pope of Nether
Twin Blade Skeleton
Garm, the Ashen Black
Nether Fleshpot
Crypt of Strustu
Potion of Compensation
Draupnir, Brace of Twin Magic
Cursed Doll of the Mourning Witch
Sorcery of Seiz
Muddle the Ego
Tunnel Vision
Parting Gift to the Dead
Disappear Magic
Monument of Wisdom
Vafthruthnir, the Frost Giant
Thiessen Gimmick
Encode Gimmick
Tribe Gimmick
Monument of Rune
Bind of Silence
Time of Ragnarok
Gungnir, the Holy Spear
Hoenir, the Bishop God
Odin, the Ruling God
Magic Stone of Light
Magic Stone of Flame
Magic Stone of Water
Magic Stone of Wind
Magic Stone of Darkness