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Arla, the Light Wing
Faria, Paladin of the Dawn
Guardian of Light Magic Stones
Avatar of Light Magic Stones
Guardian of Fire Magic Stones
Avatar of Fire Magic Stones
Melgis, King of Conquest
Sylvia Gill Palarilias, Infernal Dragon
Guardian of Water Magic Stones
Avatar of Water Magic Stones
Kaguya, Guardian of the Moon
Valentina, Maiden of the Oceans
Guardian of Wind Magic Stones
Avatar of Wind Magic Stones
Pricia, Wild Child
Guardian of Darkness Magic Stones
Avatar of Darkness Magic Stones
Rezzard, the Vampire Lord
Machina, the Clockwork King
Yggdrasil, the First Tree
Burning Water Magic Stone
Gusting Darkness Magic Stone
Magic Stone of Murky Waters
Magic Stone of Nature's Beauty
Magic Stone of Purgatory
Magic Stone of Radiant Waves
Magic Stone of Summer's Breeze
Misty Wind Magic Stone
Shadowy Light Magic Stone
Sparkling Fire Magic Stone