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Gwiber, the White Dragon
Blessed Holy Wolf
Excalibur, the God's Sword
Faria, the Sacred Queen
Faria, the Ruler of God Sword
Galahad, the Son of the God
Gawain, the Knight of the Sun
Gloria's Castle Town
Herald of Sacred Queen
Justice of God's Sword
Order of Sacred Queen
Perceval, the Seeker of Holy Grail
Pride of Knights
Temple Monk
Tristan, the Knight of Sorrow
Veteran Master
Young Knight of Gloria
Certo, the Blazing Volcano
Dragoon of Certo
Draig, the Red Dragon
Flame King's Shout
Flamewing Wyvern
Flash of Demon Sword
Guinevere, the Jealous Queen
Hector de Maris, the Acolyte of Mad Demon
Laevateinn, the Demon Sword
Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon
Melgis, the Flame King
Melgis, the One Charmed by the Demon Sword
Mordred, the Traitor
Rukh Egg
Spirit of Certo
Whelp Drake
Fire Magic Stone
Light Magic Stone