2018-03-19 - Kirik Rerik, the Draconic Warrior (SDR2-009 R)
The value of X in this card's automatic ability ("When this card enters the field...") is determined when the ability resolves.

2018-03-13 - Heavenly Fruit (TSW-131 R)
ERRATA Discard your hand. You may play resonators from your graveyard this turn. If a card would be put into your graveyard from anywhere this turn, remove it from the game instead.

2018-02-23 - Voidosaurus (TSW-144 C)
If this is the last card in your hand, you may pay {4} less to play it. The card is placed onto the chase before the cost is determined.

2018-01-12 - Sun Wukong, Enforcer for the Future (ENW-065 U)
ERRATA When this card enters your field ⇒ You may return target non-magic stone, non-J/resonator card to its owner's hand.

2018-01-08 - Neo Barrier of Shadows (ENW-077 U)
This card's [_Seal_] ability prevents all non-will activate abilities from all zones.

2017-12-01 - Viola, the Dragon Priestess (ADK-115 SR)
For her automatic ability, each individual mode can only be chosen once, no matter how many Elementals are removed with her first ability.

2017-12-01 - Viola, the Dragon Priestess (ADK-115 SR)
You may remove odd numbers of Elementals from the graveyard with her first ability. However, the "extra" Elemental will not impact the automatic ability in any way.

2017-10-25 - Kirik Rerik (SDR2-009 R)
The value of X for this card's {rest} ability is determined when the ability resolves. When the ability resolves, you will put (10 - X) strength counters on Kirik Rerik, where X is the number of strength counters on Kirik Rerik when the ability first started resolving.

2017-09-16 - Gill Lapis, Rebel of Darkest Fires (RDE-061 R)
ERRATA {x}: You may play target face up card with total cost X or less from your opponent's removed area without paying its cost until end of turn. Play this ability only once per turn.

2017-09-01 - Dino-Rush (ACN-036 C)
ERRATA Target resonator you control deals damage equal to its ATK to another target resonator.