Winds of the Ominous Moon (70 / 120)

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Dread Touch
Reunion between the Master and Pupil
The Kingdom of Diversity, Light Palace
Phantom Wind, Fiethsing
Ciel, Ancestor of the Priestess
Winds of Guidance
Cecil and Tia
Ethereal Wind Magic Stone
Rei, the Black Owl
Bird of Demise
Knight of the Black Moon
Rei's Gale
Praying Mermaid
The Distortion of Time
Lightning Speed Crash
The Last Thunder
Essence of the Void
Time Composing Elf
Hoelle Pig Squadron
Ground and Air Supremacy
Scarlet's Testament
The Second Advent of Hope, Grimmia
Grimmia's Fairy
A Mother's Love
Aura of Hope
Leaf Paladin
Fifth Element
Leaf Dragon
Spirit Searching
Kintaro's Partner
Dark Bokuro
Black Leaf
Unyielding Dragon Lord, Ragnarok
Blue Leaf
Roar of the Soul
The End of Possession
Glint of Insight
Leaf Assassin
Pialle's Cook, Sylvia
Red Leaf
Kaiser Phoenix
Burnt Cooking
Holy Prince's Nanny, Citrin
Jewel Illusion
White Leaf
Resuscitating Will
Reiya, Fourth Daughter of the Mikage [J-Ruler]
Reiya, Fourth Daughter of the Mikage
Life and Death Struggle
The Night Before the Decisive Battle
Time Reversal
Fairy of the Holy Tree
Reincarnation of the Holy Tree, Yggdrasil
Seed of Rebirth
Viviane, the Envoy of Rebirth
Welser, the Archmage of Fire
Prismatic Flame
Sprinting Time Horse
The Three Sisters of Time
Time Bound Spirit
Honorable Thief Guild Member
Arrival of the Hero
Power Gem Warrior
Technique Gem Warrior
Xiang Xiang, the Holy Prince
Magic Stone of Time
Time Dilation
Unbound Princess of Time, Kaguya
The Time Spinning Witch [J-Ruler]
The Time Spinning Witch
Spirit of Time