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Return of the Dragon Emperor (41/100)

Millennia Bond
Kaguya's Pictorial Scroll
Spinning Myths
Gilgamesh, Immortal Hunter
Manservant to the Water God
Eia, God of Water
The Dark Sleeping Dormouse
The Dark March Hare
Schrödinger's Observation
Schrödinger, the Cat in Flux
Alice's World of Madness
Black Heart Alice
Magic Stone of the Ebon Home
Valentina, the Twilight Passion
Swirling Demon Dimension
Searing Dead
Gill Lapis, Rebel of Darkest Fires
Gill Lapis, Conqueror of Attoractia
Cryptid of Tenacious Fire
Black Hole of the Spirit World
Door of Time
Millium's Roar
Stone of the Dragonoids
Millium, the Sacred Dragon
Millium, Successor of the Dragon Crest
Alabaster Dragon Knight
Tiny Alabaster Drake
Ryula, Alabaster Dragon Princess
Dragon Power
Memoria of Reincarnation
Reincarnated Maiden of Flame, Pricia
Pricia, True Beastmaster
Mariabella, the Machine Hearted
Fiery Bird of Reincarnation
Concord of Saints and Beasts
Burning Pot
Fiery Soldier of Milest
Kaguya's Stone of Sorrow
The First Moon
Mystia, Manager of the Treasury
Kaguya, Millennium Princess
Kaguya, Tears of the Moon
Glistening Chick
Miracle Millennia Medicine
Water Kimono of Twelve Parts